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The Priory of Our Lady, Walsingham


All are welcome to join us in Chapel.


Normal Service times are as follows:


7am            Office of Readings and Morning Prayer (except Monday)

9:25am      Litany of the Holy Name (except Sunday)

9:30am      Mass followed by coffee (except Sunday)

12 noon    Midday Office (except Monday)

5pm            Vespers (except Monday)

7:30pm      Compline  (except Monday)


Please note the Sisters have their day off on Mondays, the Offices are said privately and there is no Exposition. Mass is as usual at 9:30am.


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament daily 10:30am - 12 noon except Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

Thursday 10am - 10:30am Exposition and Benediction

Masses this week (Year B, 1st Week in Ordinary time, Psalter week 1)


Sunday 7th                        No Mass in chapel (9:00am at St Peter's or 11:00am at St Mary's)

Monday 8th                                   9:30am                           Feria                      

Tuesday 9th                                   9:30am                           Comm of the Holy Name

Wednesday 10th                           9:30am                           Feria

Thursday 11th                               9:30am                           Comm of the Blessed Sacrament

Friday 12th                                     9:30am                           Mass for Departed Sisters and Associates

Saturday 13th                                9:30am                           Feria                          


Sunday 14th                       No Mass in chapel (9:00am at St Peter's or 11:00am at St Mary's)

Monday 15th                                  9:30am                           Feria

Tuesday 16th                                  9:30am                           Feria

Wednesday 17th                            9:30am                           S Antony

Thursday 18th                                9:30am                           Mass for Christian Unity

Friday 19th                                      9:30am                           Feria

Saturday 20th                                 9:30am                           Feria



The Sisters of the Society of St Margaret have a special devotion to the Holy name of Jesus and also to the Blessed Sacrament. As part of this we say the Litany of the Holy Name each day and once a month have a Mass in Commemoration of the Holy Name and of the Blessed Sacrament.